The Guises of the Morrigan: The Irish Goddess of Sex & Battle

The Morrígan is the pre-eminent and most powerful of the Celtic Goddesses. She is a Goddess of sex and battle, the Irish Bestower of Sovereignty, and it is she who shapes the land and rules the fairy as Queen. Her raw power manifests through the Irish myths and legends, a prophetess and shapeshifter who uses her potent magic to shapeshift, assuming the forms of numerous wild animals and delivering victory to her chosen heroes.Her manifold roles, titles and guises weave a rich and colourful tapestry showing the continued dominion of the Morrigan in mythology, folklore and literature. She was the tutelary goddess to the ill-fated hero Cu Chulainn, she was the Fairy Queen and the Washer at the Ford. She was also the wise crone the Cailleach, and the battle crow Badb, the frenzied Nemain and Warrior Queen Macha.Her roles and guises which are brought together for the first time in this carefully researched volume, the work of many years of study, demonstrate clearly the significant status that she held in the ancient Celtic world and continues to enjoy today.

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Book Title: The Guises of the Morrigan: The Irish Goddess of Sex & Battle

Book Author: David Rankine,Sorita D'Este

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ISBN: 1905297009