Ice and a Slice

Life should be idyllic, and it pretty much is for Sarah-Jane. Marriage to Tom is wonderful, even if he is hardly ever home. And lots of people have catastrophic fall-outs with their sister, don’t they? They’re bound to make it up some day. Just not right now, OK! And as for her drinking, yes it’s true, she occasionally has one glass of wine too many, but everyone does that. It’s hardly a massive problem, is it? Her best friend, Tanya, has much worse problems. Sarah-Jane’s determined to help her out with them – just as soon as she’s convinced Kit, the very nice man at the addiction clinic, that she’s perfectly fine.She is perfectly fine, isn’t she?

Book Details

Book Title: Ice and a Slice

Book Author: Della Galton

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1484978080