Bring Me Flowers: A gripping serial killer thriller with a shocking twist

She didn’t know he was watching. Until it was too late. She’d walked this path hundreds of times before, she knew every twist and turn. But today was different. She didn’t know someone was waiting for her, hidden away from view. She didn’t know this was the last time she’d walk this path. Hidden deep in the forest, schoolgirl Felicity Parker is found carefully laid out on a rock with nothing but a freshly picked bunch of flowers next to her lifeless form. Detective Jenna Alton is called in to investigate the gruesome discovery. With the body found just off a popular hiking route, Jenna believes the killer is a visitor to the town… until a second local girl is discovered. Within days, Kate Bright, a school friend of Felicity’s, is found brutally murdered at the local swimming pool and once again, the killer has displayed his victim in a terrifying manner and left flowers at the scene. The town is gripped with fear and Jenna and her deputy, David Kane, now know that the killer is living amongst them, and that he’s picking off school girls one by one. But they don’t know who is next on the list. As the trail goes cold, Kane and Alton are forced to sit and wait for the killer to make his next move. But now he has a new victim in his sights, and he’s looking much closer to home … If you love Robert Dugoni, Karin Slaughter and Rachel Abbott you’ll love this nail-biting thriller from D.K. Hood. What readers are saying about Bring Me Flowers: ‘WOW! What a book … I was hooked from the first page, through the hunt for a serial killer, to the incredible conclusion. This book is amazing.’ Goodreads Reviewer ‘Suspenseful from the first page, with a pace that never lets up, this was a book I could not stop thinking about… an absolutely unputdownable, gut wrenching story with an ending I did not see coming and which I am still thinking about. Brilliant. A masterpiece.’ Renita D’Silva ‘This book had everything it was dark, creepy and disturbing and made me get chills … I read it in super fast time because I couldn't put it down. An excellent read deserving of a massive 5 stars.’ Bonnie’s Book Talk ‘The killer sent shivers down my spine as his narrative outlined his desire to kill and his unique MO … I love it when a writer creates a character that creeps me out inside my head and this is one guy you wouldn't want turning up with a bunch of flowers for you! … So many potential suspects, my wee head was spinning as I tried to work out the whodunnit and whydunnit! I do love a good old workout for the brain and this one kept me guessing all the way through!’ Chapter in My Life ‘An incredibly fast-paced, high octane thriller that begs to be read in one sitting … it was impossible to put down.’ The Book Nurse ‘This book has surpassed my expectations and is even better than what I could have imagined.’ Sean’s Book Reviews ‘The story is exciting and gripping and the introduction of a new member to the team adds to the quality of the research and writing.’ Consumer Reviewer

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Book Title: Bring Me Flowers: A gripping serial killer thriller with a shocking twist

Book Author: D.K. Hood

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ISBN: 1786813572